Virtual Reality Laser Tag

Transform your VR arcade into a Premium Arena Scale location
and compete with million-dollars warehouse scale arcades at low cost

Launching July 28th, 2020
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Attract new costumers

Versus fun gameplay gives teams of 2 to 6 players a competitive arena scale experience. Designed to give arcades a high throughput within a small footprint. Make a profit from your investment in the first month of exploitation !


Low Hardware Cost

Our versatile operator interface allows you to set-up a VR Arena in less than 1 hour with a low investment set-up, you only need 2 to 6 Oculus Quest and 1 Windows PC.
No base station, no gaming PC, no expensive headset.

Set-up your VR Arena in less than 1 hour

Operator Friendly Licensing Options

Bill Monthly
Bill Yearly
Revenue Share
Commercial license: per play
2 to 6 players
12 Maps
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Monthly Subscription
Commercial license: monthly
OS System
12 Maps
2 to 6 players
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Lifetime License
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Commercial license: lifetime
OS System
12 Maps
2 to 6 players
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